Welcome to Bay Measurements

Bay Measurements is a Florida based manufacturer’s representative company focused on the sales and support of municipal and industrial monitoring and control instrumentation.

The process, utility and manufacturing industries monitor and control various processes and facilities. Instrumentation, available from Bay Measurements, provides the technology and tools to optimize the process and provide increased personnel safety.

Industries Served

Food Processing

industrial agriculture plant showing oranges on a conveyor

Power Generation

power generation plant

Water / Waste Treatment

Waste Water Industry Photo above Wastewater processing tank

Chemical Delivery

chemical industry tanks


Pharmaceutical Lab Equipment

Products Categories


Level Sensor

Environmental sensors with integral data loggers for monitoring water level, temperature, pH, turbidity, conductivity and dissolved oxygen.


Seametrics IMag Flowmeter

Flow metering instruments including magnetic flow meters, insertion magnetic and paddlewheel flowmeters, venturi flowmeters, orifice plates, nozzle flowmeters that provide accurate and reliable flow measurements.


Temperature Measurement Instruments

Temperature monitoring instruments typically include a sensor, thermowell and a transmitter for industrial, municipal and sanitary applications.


Liquid Level Transmitter

Various level transmitters based on non-contacting radar, guided wave radar, ultrasonic sensors, and switches employing optical, RF capacitance and vibrating fork technology, all used for liquid and solids.


Submersible Pressure Transmitter

Submersible pressure transmitters for lift station level control as well as differential, gage, absolute pressure measurement for monitoring differential flow and process pressures.


otc lcd wireless transmitter

These battery powered wireless devices will remotely monitor levels, flows, analytical, pressures and temperatures for existing or new sensors.