Process Monitoring &
Control Instrumentation


Process Monitoring and Control Instrumentation Products

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Flow Metering

Coriolis Mass Flowmeters

Turbine Flowmeters

PD Flowmeters

Thermal Mass Flow

Venturi Flowmeters

Flow Nozzles

Orifice Plates

Gas Detection

Toxic, Oxygen & Combustible Sensors & Transmitters

Wireless Toxic, Oxygen & Combustible Sensors & Transmitters

Alarm Controller Panels

Wireless Alarm Controller Panels


Industrial Thermocouples & RTD Sensors

Temperature Transmitters



Weight Indicators

Weight Controllers

Weight Processors

Weight A-B PLC Modules

Weight Load Cells

Weighing Scales

Wireless Telemetry

Sentinel – Single Point Transmitter

Gateways – Mulit Point Reciver

Wireless I/O

Long Range Nodes

Pressure Sensor Node

Solar Power / Class 1 Div 1