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Bay Measurements brings you innovative sensors and technology to produce accurate and long lasting increase in product quality and reduced maintenance.

Flowline EchoPod UG06 UG12 Reflective Ultrasonic Liquid Level Transmitter
  • Reflective Technology for condensing environs
  • Range of 8 inches to 39 feet
  • IP 68 submersible enclosure
  • Integral level display
  • Corrosion resistant PVDF transducer

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Level Sensor
  • Designed for measurement of water quality
  • Level, temp, pH, turbidity, conductivity, DO
  • User replaceable standard AA battery
  • Built-in data logger in each sensor
  • Easy-to-use anaysis PC software included

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Flowline echopulse lr30
  • 26 GHz. pulse radar
  • IP 68 submersible
  • Local display / pushbutton configuration
  • Range 12 inches to 98 feet distance
  • 4-20 ma output

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Submersible Detachable Pressure / Level Sensor (Lift Stations)
  • Pressure range of 0-32" thru 0-335' WC
  • Stainless Steel Housing, Ceramic Sensor
  • IP-68 Rated/ Full time submersible
  • Detachable cable - only replace sensor cell
  • Easy and quick to troubleshoot a problem
  • Available with a "Sharkcage" for protection

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